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No Ordinary Wedding: 3 Ways to Make Your Big Day Special

If you are like most couples, you want your wedding to be more than just another day for your guests, friends and family. You want it to be interesting and special from the start to end.

How exactly can you do that?


One great way to ensure that your wedding doesn't just fade away with the other events your guests have attended is to make it wholly personal to you. From the invitation to the giveaways, inject in it something that will remind people of you as a couple. It doesn't need to be out-there quirky or luxuriously expensive; it just needs to be true and meaningful to you.You can begin by creating a day that is tailored to your story. For instance, if your path crossed during a holiday abroad and you both love travelling, you can choose a theme that's related to travel. Here, you can have your wedding invites designed like a passport or plane ticket. You can also draw inspiration from some travel-themed wedding ideas to make sure that your celebration really reflects your interests as a couple.


Your guests are not there to just witness you make your vows. They're also there to celebrate this special day with you, so don't forget to include them in the plan. To make sure that they'll enjoy your wedding as much as you do, you can hire Ardanien Entertainment to provide for your entertainment needs. The company has the experience and expertise to make sure that your wedding will be a night to remember for both your and your guests.

Another great idea is to hire a photo booth where your guests can don on funny props and take pictures of themselves, which they can bring home as souvenir. Having this one means extra entertainment for your guests and less work for your official photographer. Don't know where to rent a photo booth? Check out these companies:

  • Just Pose - offers state-of-the-art photobooths equipped with the latest technology, including DSLR cameras, professional studio lighting and lab quality instant printers


A few months before the wedding, begin sending your invites to give your guests a sneak peak of what's going to happen on your big day. This will surely get your guests curious and excited about buying new outfits and gifts for the wedding.

You can begin by getting creative with your invites. Make it a little special and different enough to make people sit up and take notice. You can also set up a wedding website where you can get family and friends involved in the planning process. Post in there a checklist of all the things you need to accomplish and ask people for suggestions or help in any of those.

Another great idea is to give your family, friends and guests an update about your wedding's progress through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Post for example a behind-the-scene account of your prenup photoshoot, a short thank you to the photographer who helped you make it perfect and so on. Now if you're looking for a photographer who can capture those special moments before and on your wedding day, here are some companies that you can check out:

Planning a wedding may be long and tedious, but if it means getting to enjoy a magical day with the closest people in your heart, then it's definitely worth all your time and effort.

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