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Finger food is too easy

Holding a party requires a great deal of thought and advanced preparation. Even if the party is a small, intimate dinner, attention must be paid to the needs of the guests and various other considerations, such as services of DJs and entertainers. Part of such attention to detail is creating the right menu for the party you are giving. A good host will be aware of her guest's dietary needs and preferences. One of the best ways to cater to the tastes of many people is with a menu consisting of Finger food catering.

Finger foods are items that can be eaten with one's fingers. Examples of finger foods include items that easily grasped such as blanched vegetables and food items that can be eaten in a few bits such as small cooked sausages. Holding a party with various finger foods has many advantages. Doing so often allows the host to offer a variety of items to their guests. If one guest does not particularly like shrimp but another loves it, the host can offer a small platter of boiled shrimp on a plate and then many other items as well. A host can also offer items that will keep well without the need to be heated or cooled such as crackers. This makes it easy for the host to interact with her guests while she is giving the party.

If you do not feel quite up to the task of creating a meal or you prefer to leave the cooking to the professionals, consider hiring a professional to cater the meal for you. Finger food catering is widely available in many venues. Many chain stores, catering companies and even local area restaurants offer catering finger food. They will be happy to work with you directly and create the perfect menu to suit your needs.

A typical finger food menu might feature items such as a cheese plate, a selection of sausages, a series of grilled meats on skewers and a fruit platter. Many menus also feature items such as dips that the guests can use to help add flavor to other items. Catering companies will be happy to work with you to create the type of menu appropriate for your occasion.

For example, if you are holding a backyard summer party for friends and relatives, you may want to keep the foods as simple as possible. Many caterers will be happy to help you design a menu around the use of fresh, seasonal produce, cold fried chicken and a chocolate cake. If you are holding a more elaborate fete such as a wedding reception, finger foods can also fit in with your plans nicely.

In that case it is possible to create a menu of more elaborate and festive finger foods. Many caterers can offer you upscale, more celebratory dishes that still work well such as marinated, grilled lobster mini-sandwiches, tomato basil bruschetta, scallops on a skewer and fingerling potatoes topped with sour cream, dill and caviar.

A menu consisting of finger foods allows you to present multiple choices to your guests. The small portions are ideal for young children as well as those in a diet. When carefully thought out, a meal crafted from finger foods is the perfect way to offer your guests a delicious repast filled with items that will satisfy anyone's tastes.