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Here Are More Ways to Make Your Wedding Special and Memorable

Wedding planning can be a real challenge, especially if it’s yours. You need to be sure that everything is perfect on your most special day, from choosing the date and venue, to deciding what handmade gold jewellery to wear.

The day you say “I do” to your significant other should be the most memorable moment of your life. So, even though the difficulties involved in planning can make you decide to take a more traditional route, you should customise it a bit instead. Aside from being flexible in all aspects of wedding planning, you should be keen to give it a personal touch and make it unique.

One of the first things you need to look into is the attire. While it does seem like a good idea to opt for the most affordable when buying the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, you should never compromise quality for price. You’re dressing up for the biggest day of your life, so you should consider buying the best that you can afford. Don’t forget to choose between gold and silver handmade jewellery for accessories.

Before buying a dress, check all of its corners and folds. Does the design flatter your body type? Will it look amazing if you also wear handmade gold jewellery? Can you wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable?

When it comes to the menu, look past how the food looks or tastes. What you should look into is how it reflects your relationship and personalities. It’s like when you invite guests into your home for a party, and you want to serve them the most delicious food, to give them a great experience. The only difference with weddings is that there are more guests and you need to choose a menu that’s appropriate for your theme.

Ask the same questions if you’re looking for a suit for the groom. Should he wear a tuxedo, or will he look more dashing with something less traditional? Will it complement his designer handmade jewellery and vice versa? Feel free to check out these suit selection tips for more info.

You can also try giving your wedding ceremony a personal touch. Most couples overlook this aspect and prefer to go traditional, but you can make changes in the programme to make the occasion all the more special.

The two most common ways to personalise the ceremony is having your favourite songs played and reading the wedding vows you wrote. However, you can take it up a notch by writing the entire script and making time for more fun additions, such as anecdotes from friends and relatives. Be sure to consult this with the marriage celebrant though, to make sure that he is willing to make a few alterations.

For the reception, you can personalise almost all aspects. For example, you can deck the venue with your favourite flowers or hang curtains in the groom’s favourite colour. Aside from this, you can also hire us to play your favourite songs. If you check out our services, you’ll get a good idea of how we can make your wedding reception more fun for everyone.

Feel free to put decorations that say something about you and your significant other’s personality as well as the love you share. Decide on a theme that’s not just romantic, but also reminiscent of your relationship.

If the ceremony and reception will be held outdoors, come up with a contingency plan in case unexpected weather-related problems come up. Look for tents to rent as soon as possible if the wedding will be held in the park, beach or any other place with little or no shade.

Lastly, schedule fun activities. While most weddings usually have idle time in-between events, yours should be fun and memorable all throughout. Instead of letting the guests interact only with the people they know, make it so that everyone from the friends and relatives of the bride and groom will get to mingle with another.

Planning your wedding can seem a bit daunting at times and you might get tempted to entrust it to a professional planner. But if you make sure that your wedding is special and memorable, it’ll be the best experience of your life, from start to finish - from the planning stages to the moment you and your partner first dance together as a couple. Besides, we are here to help you. With our services as well as those of the trusted businesses we work with, your wedding day will be most memorable and happiest.